OOPSLA '08: On our way

OOPSLA 2008 Logo

So, we are headed off to OOPSLA again this year in the famous "Ralph Johnson Van". There was some mix up at the car rental company so we ended up with one car (the white one in the back of the photo below) and Ralph's own mini van. Our drive will take about 6 hours.

We had to use the "Ralph Johnson Mini-van" instead.

This time around, I have submitted a short paper and poster for WRT: Workshop on Refactoring Tools. In that paper, I present the need for supporting cross-language refactorings – specifically across Java and XML - since many different popular frameworks already use both languages and our current tool doesn't support that very well. I then present our technique for solving this problem for the common cases that programmers will encounter. Our solution (and tool) hooks into the Eclipse refactoring participant system and participates every time a refactoring is done in Java; we then propagate a suitable refactoring to the XML side.

I hope I'll be able to continue with the blogging that I did with OOPSLA '07 this year around too. My friend Maurice won't be joining the group this year so he'll be feeding off what I write : )

I'm particularly looking forward to some Smalltalk events (Squeak BOF and Smalltalk SuperPowers) this year especially after the resurgence of interest in Smalltalk.

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