Eclipse Ganymede Review Follow-up

About two months ago, I wrote my review for Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede and participated in the Ganymede Around the World Contest. As one of the first few reviewers, I am going to receive a Eclipse shirt. I have not seen the shirt yet but I have already provided my mailing address to them.

Also, I was fortuitous enough to be randomly selected as one of the 5 participants to receive an Eclipse jacket. So I'll be looking forward to that as well.

Eclipse Debugger Screencast
Eclipse Java Debugger screencast

Anyway, as a follow-up, I said that I will be releasing a screencast to showcase some of the new features once the official version of Ganymede has been released. The first (I am hoping that I wlll have time to create more) has been released on the CS 427 Fall 2008 wiki page: Eclipse Debugger. It shows the new Enhanced Debug Hover feature introduced in Eclipse 3.4. The screencast is catered toward students who have never used a debugger in an IDE before (I might be a bit presumptuous on this...)

Hopefully someone else might find the screencast useful.

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