Installing packages in Squeak

In my previous post I mentioned some useful packages that do not come installed by default in normal distribution of Squeak. There are two ways that you can get hold of those packages in your image.

The first way is to download a specially packaged image that contains most of the developer tools. You can get that image from here. The advantage is that you get all the tools that Squeak developers usually use. The disadvantage is that if this is your first time using Squeak, you might not know all the tools. Hence you end up with an image that contains a lot of things that you will not use. And documentation for tools are usually pretty sparse so it is a good idea to start small and selectively choose the tools that you will use.

Thus, I present the second method to get hold of those tools: installing them as individual packages. For this process, I am going to start with a clean image to show you how it is done. I will install the Shout workspace package which gives you syntax highlighting in the workspace.

Installing packages in Squeak - 1
Bring up SqueakMap Package loader first.

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