Updated website to Typo 4.1

Apparently, the same problem that hit my other blog a few months ago has haunted this blog. This morning, all I did was add a new category (the squeak category; new posts on that coming soon). After saving the changes, my entire layout was messed up. The CSS will not work properly and the theme will not even load.

Since I have already seen this kind of problem before, I just decided to upgrade to Typo 4.1. This upgrade process was long overdue anyway. After checking the typosphere.org website, I realize that Typo 4.1.1 was released. Usually I will not bother with a .1 increment release but with bleeding-edge software like Typo sometimes the latest version has bug fixes that will make all the difference between having a smooth transition and a few wasted hours trying to get things to work.

Unfortunately, Typo 4.1.1 required the use of a newer version of rubygems. The files no longer use the old require_gem method but the newer gem method. So it was not possible to install Typo 4.1.1

Anyway, long story short, I finally got Typo 4.1 installed, updated the theme (I used the default ones so that I will not suffer from any compatibility issues). There is some problems with the new sidebar AJAX interface: I was having trouble dragging and dropping the items; sometimes they refuse to stick to the active sidebar and merely float around the page.

Things seem to be working the way I want them to now and I will probably not mess around too much with the layout anymore.

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