Domain Driven Design Quickly

InfoQ: Domain Driven Design Quickly:

"The most complicated aspect of large software projects is not the implementation, it is the real world domain that the software serves. Domain Driven Design is a vision and approach for dealing with highly complex domains that is based on making the domain itself the main focus of the project, and maintaining a software model that reflects a deep understanding of the domain"

In this class, we read the excellent book Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans. The book itself was interesting and useful, but it was too thick and heavy to bring around. And as far as I know, there isn't a legal .pdf copy of it. Well thankfully, InfoQ has been kind enough to condense the tome into a 106 page document in .pdf. This will certainly be useful. I have not read through the entire 106 pages but from the Table of Contents it seems to cover a good chunk of the book. This .pdf will definitely serve as a convenient review and summary of the book for me.

Some caveats. The text layout is a bit funky for the book. It definitely has not gone through a good typesetting process (it looks like it was written in Word with left-right text justification turned on) but it is readable. Some of the images are also blurry and that shows how much effort was put into this .pdf. But it is free and it a good effort to getting more people interested in Domain-Driven Design.

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