Python Refactoring (Transformation) Tool

[Python-3000] Refactoring tool available (work in progress):

"In the sandbox I've been working on a refactoring tool, which could form the basis for a Python 2.x -> 3.0 conversion tool. I'd like to invite folks here to give it a try and give me a hand. It certainly needs more work, but I think that the basic infrastructure is sound. Check out sandbox/2to3/:"

(Via Guido Announces Refactoring Tool.)

I am not a regular Python user but this tool seems pretty interesting. I have not seen any other tool that could potentially refactor (or transform) a language into a new version of its own syntax yet. Most just involve changing the structure of code while preserving the behavior. However the syntax is limited to the current syntax. Using the refactoring tool to help migrate old syntax to new is while preserving behavior is certainly a good idea.

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