DDD: Applying Analysis Patterns

The term Analysis Patterns come from Fowler's book, Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models. In this chapter, Evan tries to show how applying those patterns can actually help create a more mature domain model. Utilizing past experiences in the field help reduce the mistakes that beginner designers make when dealing with a field for their first time.

Drawing on the experiences of other software developers is actually very useful. It is not the solution to your problem but at least it shows one way that might work. Furthermore, because Analysis Patterns is described in a way that developers are able to understand it, developers are actually able to come to grasp with the model more quickly. You see terms used in the analysis pattern that can become part of your development teams' ubiquitous language.

My only concern with analysis patterns is that they might be hard to read. They focus on one field in great detail. It is not easy to actually explain an entire accounting system without some basic background on the reader's part. And for readers like me who have no idea how accounting actually works, this chapter was actually rather hard to read. However, it is this detail that makes it valuable to developers working on the project. It's just that most people will not pick up this pattern to read for fun.

Fowler has posted a .pdf of some more accounting patterns on his website for those who are interested.

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